The Appointed Time

I can’t begin to describe the events in my life over the past two weeks. It’s seemed as everything changed in a moment. I have to be honest, 2017 has been a very difficult year for me in a lot of areas of my life. I have wanted to give up and throw in the towel more times than I care to mention. Like many of you, I have been standing on the promises of God over my life and ministry.

About three weeks ago, I was reminded of a prophetic word I received in 2008. The essence of the word was that the Lord was speaking “a decade thing” over me and what had been missing out of my city had been missing for over ten years and many that had left and went to the land of Moab were coming back. The word went on to say that it would be my break out year. As 2008 closed, I never saw the breakthrough that I believed was declared over my life.

Over the next four years the word began to fade out of sight and I lost heart on the breakthrough that was promised. In September 2013, I felt like the Lord was leading me to a new place and I left the church I had planted in my home town to become the pastor of Cornerstone.

But the thing is, God never wastes anything in our lives, and He is always leading us to our destiny. His word declares in Psalms 37:23 that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. This is how we inherit the promise – in steps. If you want to get to your destiny, take great joy in the steps. Don’t cave into the temptation of the elevator in a desire to avoid the process. You won’t have the character to stay at the top. Steps build faith and endurance.

I’m in a new city now leading a great church. I have watched in the past few months as key people have returned to this amazing place. God is faithful and the Naomi’s are returning. In 2008, I thought the word had to do with the previous ten years. I didn’t know God was saying you are about to enter a decade of challenges and moves that are going to take great faith, but at the end of the decade you are going to experience a breakout year.

I believe that many will begin to walk in their inheritance in 2018. We have grown up in the faith and Father is about to release the inheritance. Every part of the word released over my life in 2008 is unfolding rapidly in front of me right now. We are in an appointed time - a time set by God. Remember the Lord told Habakkuk to write the vision for it is for an appointed time. That time is now! Gird up your loins, knock the dust off your sword and arise mighty warrior.


Pastor John is the Senior Pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church in Sparks, GA. He has been in ministry for over 20 years and carries an anointing for revival and an impartation for city transformation. His heart is to see entire communities impacted with the gospel of the kingdom.

Pastor John and his wife Catherine have been married for 16 years and reside in Adel, GA. They have 3 boys Grant, John Bentley and Asher. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time with his family.

#outpouring #2018 #breakthrough #prophetic #appointedtime

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