Dance in the Rain

Have you ever found yourself in a fruitful season with God where it seems as if He is intentionally blessing you on a regular basis? If so, I would like to ask you this question, “are you struggling to receive God's rain?

We probably all have heard the phrase, "it's one thing to receive but it's another to give,” but we never bother to flip the phrase around and ponder on it from a different perspective. Many of us struggle to receive God's rain, finding comfort in the need to "earn our blessing."

When God decides to bless his children, the appropriate response is to rest and receive, not strive. This concept is easier said than done, but it is our Father's fullest intention to give good gifts to those who pursue His heart.

In response to a blessing, many times we feel as if we have to "do something" so God will continue to bless us. However, the correct posture is to be still and know that if our earthly father can give us good gifts, how much more does our Heavenly Father desire to bless us?

Over the past 30 days, I have witnessed the overflowing goodness of God like never before in my entire life. I have been reminded of the promises of God over my life. Around almost every corner there has been another key to another door leading me further on my journey of pursuit after the heart of God and His fullness.

Never believe your life is to be normal or mediocre. Deep on the inside of all of us, there is God-given, divine destiny. This magnificent God we serve is wild about his sons and daughters and His love for us is never-failing and never-ending. My prayer for all of us is that we would enter into a posture of rest simply knowing that the promises of God are always yes and amen.

2018 is a year that dreams will come to pass and an overabundance of joy will come to your house. I would encourage the body of Christ to position themselves to receive a heavenly rain that will not only effect a few local churches but rather all who are willing to seek and find the treasure God has for those who pursue him. The time has come to not just walk but run through the doors God is opening for His people.



Stanton Moore is passionately pursuing the more of God. He is a husband, pastor, visionary and revivalist. His heart burns for revival in his community, region, and world. His desire is for the body of Christ to move together in unity while advancing the Kingdom of God together. His prayer is that everywhere he goes, people of all ages would encounter the living Jesus, while embracing their God given destiny for their lives.

Stanton serves as Staff Pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church and serves on the leadership team. He also serves as the Area Representative of Cook County for The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Stanton travels locally and internationally preaching the gospel as the Lord leads. He currently lives in Adel, GA with his wife, Abby.

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