Waste It All

One of my favorite worship songs is called Waste It All by Chris McClarney.

Some of the lyrics are… I want to waste it all on You. I want to pour my heart's perfume, I don't care if I'm called a fool. I'm wasting it all on You. So what is it about Jesus? What has caused so many to "waste" their lives on this Man, who by the standards of the western church would be called a failure? Jesus had a ministry that only lasted 3 years. Only a few of His followers showed up to the greatest act of love and sacrifice in human history, the cross.

So I ask again, what causes us to give it all? For me it was the encounter. He changed my life in one moment and I knew that I would never be the same. I grew up in church playing religious games, fooling everyone into thinking I was a good church boy but in reality on my way to hell. I didn’t know Jesus or even care to know him. But just one encounter when I was nineteen years old in a small country church started me on a journey that has had many twists and turns, but I have always found Jesus to be faithful in success, failure, and even heart break. He really has been closer than a brother! The glorious pursuit of this man Jesus has led me on a journey that I never thought I would go! What is it about this man that leads people to leave careers, homes, families? Why would educated people leave jobs and the "American Dream" to die on foreign mission fields? To the world, a life that looks “wasted” on Jesus seems foolish, but we are now reaping the harvest on seed sown by ones gone before us who did give it all to the Lord (2 Corinthians 4:17!

We must as the body of Christ live for more than just our generation. We must plant and believe that if we never see a harvest on what we have planted, my children’s children will reap the harvest of my “wasted” life.


Pastor Matt grew up singing in his home church. He encountered God at the age of 19 and was radically changed forever. He has a strong call to lead worship and is extremely passionate about seeing people encounter Jesus.

Matt serves as worship and youth pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church in Sparks. He is married to Nicole Smith and has two children, Judah and Ava. He enjoys spending time with his family.

#giveitall #jesus

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