The Low Place

The Low Place!

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the God given anointing upon the lives of many different men and women during my time in ministry. Where does this anointing come from?

What I have found to be true is that God exalts the heart of a man, not his gifting. Good sermons can come from a talent to speak publically, but seeing lives transformed comes from what our hearts desire privately. This is why large congregations and awesome services will never fully satisfy us. At the end of the day it is how close we are to the Father that fills our hearts with overflowing peace.

I have found an overabundance of joy by never allowing my own thoughts and agendas to exalt themselves over what my Heavenly Father wants for my life. He desires a soft heart filled with great humility, allowing his voice to guide us every step of the way. Paul said, “I am what I am by the grace of God.” When we lose this simple truth, we have failed to fully understand why God chooses to bless us with gifts and anointing in the first place. He desires to take his sons and daughters from glory to glory, but we must “stay low.”

In John chapter thirteen, Jesus paints a beautiful picture of how we are to operate in our daily walk. He illustrates his posture of heart by stooping down to wash the feet of his disciples. Verse seventeen tells us our lives will be blessed if we follow this example of servanthood. Everyone wants to stand on the greatest platforms, but not everyone is willing to remain at the feet of Jesus. We limit ourselves by thinking it is by our power that we achieve things, without realizing it is God who brings the increase and commands the blessing upon our lives.

Verse five of this passage says that after washing the feet of His disciples, Jesus dries their feet with the towel wrapped around him. I like to picture this towel as the anointing God places on those who remain low. God pours out his oil on those who are willing to live lives rooted in His goodness, who take every step with a thankful heart.

My prayer is that God will not only takes us Higher, but Deeper with Him than we've ever been. Where much is given, much is required, so let’s pursue God with CLEAN hands and PURE hearts and ascend the hill of the Lord together!


Stanton Moore is passionately pursuing the more of God. He is a husband, pastor, visionary and revivalist. His heart burns for revival in his community, region, and world. His desire is for the body of Christ to move together in unity while advancing the Kingdom of God together. His prayer is that everywhere he goes, people of all ages would encounter the living Jesus, while embracing their God given destiny for their lives.

Stanton serves as Staff Pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church and serves on the leadership team. He also serves as the Area Representative of Cook County for The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Stanton travels locally and internationally preaching the gospel as the Lord leads. He currently lives in Adel, GA with his wife, Abby.


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