You Can Have Your Tomorrow, Today

Do you have a dream - a burning and insatiable desire to accomplish big goals in the future? I hope you do. Next question - have you ever read the story of the Syrophoenician woman referenced in Mark 7:25-30 and Matthew 15:22-28? The story is one of a Gentile who wished for Jesus to heal her daughter afflicted by demons, but Jesus was reluctant, arguing he came for the Israelites and not the Gentiles. The woman persisted for tomorrow's miracle, today and seeing her persistence, Jesus healed her daughter and commended her great faith.

What opportunity are you facing in your life right now that you can grab onto and pull your planned future into today's world through faith and persistence?

Think of it this way. Say I turn my back and ask you to change 10 things about your appearance before I turn back around and we’ll see how many I can guess right. What happens? Nothing. You experience mental block, right? It’s too much to process. What if we do it again and I ask for you to change only one thing? You change one thing about your physical appearance and I guess what it is. Then we do it again and again and without realizing it, you’ll be able to change 10 things. The point is to take small, manageable steps towards your goals.

Are you writing out S.M.A.R.T goals that you're evaluating at least monthly to see how close you're getting to your long-term vision? Remember a S.M.A.R.T. goal is one that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Focused, and Time-Bound (meaning a deadline).

I want to encourage you to look around at all the opportunities in your life. Many times, we can't see the picture because we're in the frame. Take a step back and get a fresh perspective on your career, ministry, family, and life so you can see the dozens of opportunities in what appear to be your challenges. God placed you here on His earth for a specific purpose and assignment, one that if you don't complete, won't be done. You are important and I encourage you to spend time with the Lord to hear His voice clearly on His direction for you. Take the next week and really tap into what goals you want to achieve and persist until you bring your future to today's world. If it was possible for a Syrophoenician woman thousands of years ago, I promise it's possible for you today. Let's go change the world!


Gavin Merwin is a visionary, set on impacting his world and community by creating positive, creative solutions to seemingly complex issues. He is a husband, local businessman, and creative individual. His goal is to impact those he interacts with to effect positive change in their life so they can truly fulfill the destiny God has for them.

Gavin serves as Cornerstone Christian Church's Media Pastor and Drummer and is also the Chief Operating Officer of RCN Financial Advisors, a local financial consulting firm. Him and his wife, Jess, are very involved in their local community and enjoy spending time with their biological and church family.

Gavin's most impactful advice? Read as many books as often as you can - at least one per month.

#motivation #goals #vision #opportunity

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