Don't Let a Moment Become a Memory

We serve a great God. I’m constantly amazed at His ability and willingness to show up and show out in my life. Right when I need a fresh touch from God, He arrives. He’s truly an on-time God.

One of my favorite parts of the Christian walk is that we co-labor with Christ. You see, I am a person who enjoys doing and progressing. I don’t mean this from the standpoint of striving or that I have to earn God’s blessing but from the position of honoring the gifts He’s given me by moving the world I live in further. When I hear Bishop T.D. Jakes teach that God doesn’t give us a table or chair, He gives us a tree, I get excited. God designed this life where He needs you and me. He gave us trees, it’s our job to make something of it.

Back to my original point. God comes and gives us a moment, a moment when He wraps us in His presence and Glory and changes something inside us. But what happens next is my choice. Pastor Stanton spoke on this topic this past Sunday in that God tends to come in power then back off to let us improve ourselves. Then He comes again and sees what we do with the encounter.

Sometimes in church I feel like we get high on the encounter. I feel like we come use His moments to feel good and get high on His glory and then make no change. We allow our moments with God to simply become memories of a good service when they were intended to impact our lives so that we can change the world we live in.

I challenge you to always write down those “special moments” with the Lord, no matter how large or small. Use them as a guide to change and improve yourself. Those around you need what you have. The world is waiting on you! Don’t allow those special moments to simply become memories. Go, impact a community for the Glory of God!


Gavin Merwin is a visionary, set on impacting his world and community by creating positive, creative solutions to seemingly complex issues. He is a husband, local businessman, and creative individual. His goal is to impact those he interacts with to effect positive change in their life so they can truly fulfill the destiny God has for them.

Gavin serves as Cornerstone Christian Church's Media Pastor and Drummer and is also the Chief Operating Officer of RCN Financial Advisors, a local financial consulting firm. Him and his wife, Jess, are very involved in their local community and enjoy spending time with their biological and church family.

Gavin's most impactful advice? Read as many books as often as you can - at least one per month.

#colabor #motivation

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