Feasting Not Fasting

We declared in late November that 2018 would be a breakout year for us here at Cornerstone. Many things began to shift in December, and we are beginning to see tremendous breakthrough in a lot of areas. As promised, January has kicked off with tremendous breakthrough! We have already experienced several healings and financial breakthroughs all throughout the church body!

This past weekend, one business owner within our church reported one of the largest amount of sales within 23 years of owning their business! One gentleman in our congregation even had calcium deposits on the bottom of his feet to disappear. Needless to say, we see God is on the move!

Just like any Senior Pastor, I have several people that need tremendous breakthrough within their circumstances. I had planned all week to call the church to a seven day fast, as common sense told me, we just needed an extra push to really hear from the Lord concerning some of these things. Saturday morning, as I began to meditate on the service for Sunday, I heard the Lord speak what seemed like a crazy statement to me, “FEAST instead of FAST.” My mind raced as I tried to form a case as to why this couldn’t be so, surely God wouldn’t be telling me to just sit back, relax, and worry not about the many looming needs within our congregation and our families. But as I leaned in closer to hear His voice, that’s exactly what I felt He was conveying to me. Thoughts began to flood my mind, and I immediately was swept up in the declaration of Psalm 23, “The Lord prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies...

The Lord began to speak to me through this scripture about our posture in trials and difficult situations. By this, He wasn’t asking us to take a position of defense, but on the contrary, in this season, He was calling us to a feast. Philippians 1:28 describes our posture in an attack. Paul says “don’t be alarmed by enemies, and our posture will be a sign of their destruction!” I read further, in Mark 2:18, when the people questioned Jesus himself as to why His disciples were not fasting, when the very Pharisees and John’s disciples were fasting. Jesus answered them, and said the reason they were not fasting was because He was with them.

Now more than ever, believers need a fresh revelation of Emanuel (God with us). When the enemy comes with his bag of lies,instead of moving in fear, pull out your party hat and have a feast. Make no mistake about it, when you display a posture of rest and assurance, your adversary will recognize you are feasting instead of fasting, because you KNOW your God is with you.

When will we realize we are Kings kids, a royal priesthood, and we belong to a father who has never lost a battle! Psalm 29:10 says, ”The Lord sat enthroned at the flood, and The Lord sits as King forever.

Let this sink in deep, in every flood, the Lord sits enthroned!

Friend, we don’t face a battle that is too big for our God. Psalm 91:7 declares, “A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, BUT IT SHALL NOT come near you.

I want to challenge you today to look right in the eyes of whatever you are facing, and pull out your party hat, and feast in the presence of your enemies! I want you to take great rest in the fact Romans 8:31 says, “If God be for me, then who in the world could ever be against me.

Take courage mighty warrior, He has prepared a table for YOU!


We are living in a day where the world is crying out for a fresh word from God.

John and Catherine Bagley are the senior pastors of Cornerstone Christian Church in Sparks, Georgia. Cornerstone is a vibrant family of believers dedicated to see the heart of a generation burn for revival. Through passionate worship, spirit inspired teaching, and a community minded approach to ministry, Cornerstone has become a mighty force within the region for the Kingdom of God.

It is our hearts’ desire to train and equip every believer with the tools necessary to live an abundant life. Pastor John ministers with fresh prophetic insight, and has a heart for cultural transformation.

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