A Heart on Fire

As a worship pastor I consume a lot of worship music. I find that many worship songs sound similar, but God is always faithful, and he always shows me songs that are always spot on what I need.

A few nights ago, I randomly clicked on a YouTube video of a song from Jeremy Riddle called Love on Fire. Jeremy is one of my favorite worship leaders and my wife will tell you that if I get stuck on a song, I will play it A LOT! The first and second verse really struck a chord with me. It goes… I'm letting out this fire tonight That's burning in my spirit I'm gonna dance with all my might I don't care who sees it I'm gonna let it wild Be just like a child And say, "I love You, Lord" I might make a scene tonight I might come unraveled I gotta get undignified Breaking off these shackles I gotta let it wild Be just like a child And say, "I love You, Lord" "I love You, Lord" It reminded me of the stories of David in the Bible. Scripture tells us that King David was a man after Gods heart! Before he was a mighty warrior, David was a worshipper. Before David was a King, he was a man madly in love with God! Because of his heart after God he was able to eat the showbread from the temple which would have normally been illegal because as he wasn’t a priest! He was able to access things that were for us New Testament believers because of his fiery love affair with God.

Just as King David, we are called to be lovers of God and his presence! When David brought the ark into Jerusalem the bible says in 2 Samuel 6:14 that “David danced before the lord with all his might.” He danced so wildly that his wife was ashamed! It’s a picture of how we should be about our King. What a King - what a Father that would give up everything to die in our place, so we could have access to him!

It seems as if sometimes we get wrapped up in everyday life and circumstances beat us down to where we lose our fiery love for the father - the love that makes you want to act like a child again and dance and proclaim your love for the Father to everyone you meet.

Father I pray that you would rekindle the passion for You for anyone reading this who has lost the fire they once had. God you tell us in your Word that we have not because we ask not. Father, I ask that you set our hearts ablaze. Just as King David, give us a Heart on Fire!


Pastor Matt grew up singing in his home church. He encountered God at the age of 19 and was radically changed forever. He has a strong call to lead worship and is extremely passionate about seeing people encounter Jesus.

Matt serves as Worship Pastor at Cornerstone Christian Church in Sparks. He is married to Nicole Smith and has two children, Judah and Ava. He enjoys spending time with his family.

#worship #king #fire

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