You're a GOOD Mom

Tonight, as I was giving Ava a bath, we were just talking about all the things she did today. Out of nowhere she looks at me and says in the sweetest voice, “You’re a good mommy!” My eyes filled with tears and I replied with thank you and just begin to lavish her with awesome encouraging words. Fast forward an hour and I’m sitting at the table doing homework and I hear the Lord say, “Did you not hear me? You’re a good mommy!” I broke!

I recently decided to pursue my nursing degree. As such, the past four months have been a huge adjustment for our home with my new schedule. To be honest I have struggled with many thoughts like, “Am I doing the right thing? I’m missing out on play time. Am I keeping up with my wifely/motherly chores?” And ultimately, the world throws the question of, “am I being the picture-perfect wife and mother?”

But because my Father loves me, He used my 3-year-old to remind me all is well!

In the world we live in today, there is so much pressure to be a super woman in every area of our daily life. It has caused women to look at each other through the lens of judgement and to cast negative opinions on the way we mother and the way we look after babies. Mothers are pressured to feed their children only organic food or to breastfeed and if decisions aren’t made to “match” other’s views, you’re not considered a successful mother.

I feel that it is a wonderful time for women to stop tearing each other down and to begin to lift each other up! We as mothers need to instill in our daughters at a young age that they are loved and fearfully and wonderfully made and that we are not defined by what the world says, but we are defined by what our Creator says! We are who He says we are!

I challenge you to let your hair down and take off your mask! Let’s be real with each other through love! We are a force of power when we unite in Christ!

I want to encourage you and tell my fellow mothers, “You are a good mommy!” God has placed YOUR kids in YOUR life and he has equipped YOU with every tool to raise them! I pray that if you are reading this and you are struggling with the “am I good enough” thoughts, that you will just open your heart and let the Father pour His thoughts of love on you! I pray that His words would be like honey and that you will rise in boldness and be the mother that He has called you to be!


Nicole is the leader of GEMS at Cornerstone Christian Church. GEMS is a ministry for middle and high school aged girls. Its sole purpose is to lead each girl into Grace, Elegance, Modesty, & Steadfast. She is called to be a mother to this generation of young women and to call them into their destiny and to remind them that they were bought with a high price and are far more precious than rubies!

Nicole enjoys spending time with her husband Matt and two kids Judah & Ava. She has a passion for LIFE and stands believing that she will see abortion END & see revival in America again! She is a servant and worshipper at heart!

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